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Article: How to Style Oversized T-shirts

How to Style Oversized T-shirts

How to Style Oversized T-shirts

Oversized t-shirts have been stealing the street style spotlight lately. Everyone is feeling the oversized tee vibes, from influencers to celebs. And why wouldn't they? These oversized t-shirts have become another name for swag. But the real question is how to style oversized t-shirts. Well, it can be tricky. 

Do you know what? Just one wrong move, and you could look like you are wearing your grandpa's outfits (not a good look, trust us).

So, how do you wear an oversized t-shirt without drowning in it? As India's leading denim and streetwear clothing brand for the youth, let LVGN bless you with some tips on oversized t-shirt styles.

Oversized T-shirt Styles 1: Layer It Up for A Stylish Silhouette 

An oversized tee can overcome your frame, making you look wider than a linebacker. The key is to balance the roominess up top with fitted pieces on the bottom. Tuck your oversized tee into some high-waisted jeans or a bodycon skirt. This creates definition through your waist, giving you a banging hourglass shape. You can style the oversized tees with heels or booties to complete the look.

Oversized T-shirt Styles 2: Tucked with High-Waisted Pants

Do you wanna set the ambience on fire with an oversized tee? All you need to do is tuck it into high-waisted denim or trousers. Keep the tuck loose instead of stuffing the fabric tightly into your pants to have a casual yet sophisticated vibe. Finish with some heels or booties, and let that t-shirt loosely drape for a casual style.

Oversized T-shirt Styles 3: Pair with Cargo Pants & Boots

Cargo pants and combat boots add plenty of rugged edge. To achieve a balanced style with cargo pants and combat boots, pair them with an oversized printed t-shirt. This adds a rugged edge while also softening the overall look. Choose an oversized band t-shirt or retro logo tee to complement the utilitarian pants and boots.

This combo screams cool without trying too hard. You can add some shape with a jacket to stop the oversized tee from looking sloppy. A biker jacket with cargo pockets or a cropped denim jacket balances the proportions. And yes, carry some accessories with piles of bracelets and necklaces for extra style creds. 

Oversized T-shirt Styles 4: Pair Oversized T-shirts with Accessories

The right accessories can amazingly enhance your oversized tee outfit. You can pair an oversized t-shirt with a necklace or cinch the tee at your waist with a wide or corset belt.

Wear a cropped jacket or longline duster coat over the top when it gets chilly outside. Moreover, you can wear bracelets or rings or carry a cute bag to make the outfit pop.

Oversized T-shirt Styles 5: Keep Proportions Balanced

When you experiment with oversized t-shirt styles, balance the proportions. For example, if you pair an oversized tee with baggy bottoms, you should choose fitted footwear like sleek ankle boots. You can even try a drapey tee with skinny jeans and chunky sneakers.

Wrap Up

In the end, don't waste your time with it. Experiment with oversized t-shirt styles and combos to see what works for your body type. Most importantly, have fun with it! These tips are just to guide you - the rest is up to you.

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