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Article: How to Layer and Style Hoodies? Tips for Wearing Street Style Hoodies

How to Layer and Style Hoodies Tips for Wearing Street Style Hoodies
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How to Layer and Style Hoodies? Tips for Wearing Street Style Hoodies

What could be a better option than hoodies when it comes to layering street style with attitude? Hoodies are the all-time favourite streetwear outfit to upgrade your look. But how to layer street-style hoodies – that is the question. No worries. As India's top streetwear clothing brand, LVGN has compiled a guide on how to layer and style hoodies for that perfect swag.

Styling Hoodies: Go Bold

What is the first rule for styling hoodies? Just be adventurous, nothing else! Hoodies are a great option in streetwear outfits for self-expression. So, don't just hide under a generic black hoodie and start exploring different options to make a bold statement.

From stylish printed graphic hoodies to oversized hoodies, several options are available. Check out LVGN to explore celebrity-inspired hoodie collections to discover more unique hoodie styles.

How to Style Hoodies for Maximum Impact?

As you know, hoodies are the ultimate layering piece. So, let's explore how to layer hoodies to take your look to the next level. To get the most out of your hoodie, pair them with a cotton denim jacket to keep you both warm and fashionable. This ultra-cool and casual look offers a great style sense, making it the perfect option for hangouts and club parties.

Vest jackets also can't go wrong with hoodies, making them cool apparel for having coffee with your near and dear ones.

Moreover, oversized jackets could be an excellent option for a perfect combination with a hoodie. But when styling hoodies with oversized jackets, consider the right colour combinations. Brown, blue, and grey are classic neutral colours for oversized jackets to style with hoodies.

What to Wear on the Bottom with Hoodies?

Now, come to pairing hoodies with the right bottom wear. You can wear ripped denim jeans with a hoodie to look more stylish. Or try out hoodies with baggy jeans or cargo pants for a more elegant approach and a cool vibe.

If you want a modern urban outfit that's not too basic, you can grab bright colour hoodies.

Want to style a hoodie for comfort? No problem. You only need to pair it with track pants or gym outfits. So, experiment with your hoodie to discover the best style for you.

Styling Hoodies with Sneakers

So, how do you style a hoodie with sneakers? Simply pair it with sneakers or casual shoes. It would be best to wear a hoodie with white sneakers, as it's an all-time great combination. However, you can explore more colours of sneakers, like brown, grey, or black, to achieve the best streetwear look.

How to Style Accessories with Hoodies?

Finding it difficult to choose the right accessories to wear with hoodies? No need to worry. You must grab statement sunglasses, a personalized nameplate necklace, or a silver bracelet. It may seem like small touches, but trust us, all these accessories are impressive at making a more significant impact.

And most importantly, how could we forget bags when talking about how to style hoodies? A cute mini backpack or oversized tote are the best partners for hoodies.

Wrap Up

So, these are the top tips for styling hoodies to have an ultimate cool vibe. Follow these tips, be creative, and find your unique hoodie style. And remember to explore the top trending hoodies and streetwear style outfits at LVGN. 

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